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Ipe Oil |Standard or Plus | Hardwood Deck Finish | EcoFriendly Low VOC | 1 Gallon | Made in USA


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Invest in the future of your wooden surfaces with Ipe Oil® and Ipe Oil® Plus™ Hardwood Deck Finishes! Our eco-friendly, oil-based formulas are specifically designed to protect and nourish exterior hardwoods from the damaging effects of Ultraviolet (UV) rays and dampness. Whether you’re a home-owner or a Pro contractor, maintain your wood's original beauty for years to come with our high performing formula.

Unlike traditional protective coatings, Ipe Oil® and Ipe Oil® Plus™ provide a natural finish! You'll get right down to the enriching benefits without feeling like you're smothering your hardwood in heavy paint or sealer. Enjoy up to 15% longer lasting protection from harsh weather conditions with Ipe Oil® Plus™ -- perfect for anyone needing extra shielding from harmful UV damage. Let us extend the lifespan of all your outdoor wood structures so that you can continue to enjoy them for years to come!

Increase surface coverage up to 250-300 ft2 per gallon on smooth wood and 150-250 ft2 per gallon on rough wood. Try Ipe Oil® and Ipe Oil® Plus™ Hardwood Deck Finishes today for durable, beautiful protection that will make your deck shine like new!