Wisecoat | Water Proofing Sealer | Eco-Friendly | 1 Gallon | Made in USA


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Are you looking for the ultimate way to protect your exotic hardwood from harsh weather and caustic conditions? Wisecoat is here to save the day! Our water-based formula's nanotechnology not only creates a long-lasting breathable barrier, but it also penetrates deep into the hardwood surface to prevent cracking, splitting, and any other damages caused by mold, mildew, and dry rot. What's more, our semi-transparent tint functions as a UV blocker to keep your hardwoods looking fresh while enhancing their natural texture and grain. Here at Austin Ipe we believe in quality both with our environment-friendly product and our sustainable production. That's why each bottle of WiseCoat®, made right here in the USA, covers roughly 250-350 square feet per gallon! Super effective protection that doesn't cost those extra gallons? Now that’s what we call smart!