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Create a unique and secure deck space that you can enjoy for years to come with the Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fastener! The proprietary resin polymer coating belies an ultra-rigid stainless steel insert, which gives these fasteners up to three times the hold-down strength of other edge-mount deck fasteners – meaning those decking screws won't be going anywhere any time soon. Best of all, this innovative product is made in the USA!

No more unsightly screws marring your deck’s natural beauty. Thanks to the discreet color of the plastic resin, your hidden fasteners become virtually invisible between board gaps. And don’t worry about wood staining from metal reaction – our malleable coating ensures no such thing happens with Ipe Clip®! After installation, get ready for years and years of a strong, secure deck space that welcomes outdoor entertaining, barbecues and evening strolls. Make the right choice - choose Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fasteners!

Our American-made IPE Clip Hidden Deck Fasteners will make your new build safer, longer lasting, more durable and better looking with a smooth surface. It's easy to attach at a 45° angle into joists for maximum hold-down, and features integrated gap spacer legs in 3/32” (2,4mm), 5/32” (4mm) or 1/4” (6,4mm). Additionally, stainless steel reinforcement enables extreme hardness so it can withstand any outdoor weather condition. The symmetrical wood edge profile also allows for reversible boards, so you can create the perfect look for your outdoor space.
Its standard edge profile of 5/32” (4mm) by 1/2” (13mm) makes it compatible with lengthwise pre-grooved slots, job site biscuit joiner or router, making installation quick and easy!

So don't wait; experience the comfort and reliability of DeckWise® IPE Clip Hidden Deck Fasteners today! Available in three colors and made in USA quality; it's the perfect choice for any project.